Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bang bang bang

Lots of shocking news over our British gossip wire today:

BANG! Justin and Cameron have broken up. (now he's after Scarlett Johansson, what? Oh, poor Britney!)

BANG! The O.C. has been cancelled. (sad, but not surprising, really, though I haven't seen this season yet.)

BANG! Paris Hilton has stopped sleeping with men, but now shares her bed with a monkey. (copycat bitch, monkeys are my thing!)

BANG! Kevin Federline hit on Lindsay Lohan, then called her "Firecrotch" when she turned him down. (Speaking of copycats. And does this man have any idea of how worthless he is in Hollywood? Come on, that wet rat making moves on the Ann-Margret goddess beauty of our day? Hah!)

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