Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally, a reason to watch the Macy's parade

I've never been a big fan of parades, and the Macy's T-Day parade in general is just one big traffic snarl. But this might forever redeem it for me.

And Oh My God I love that guy! I wish more people and his sense of humor, and took themselves less seriously. Also, so cute! Aging so well!


Anonymous said...

OMG! That was seriously the best parade moment in years! Long live Rick!

The P-G Kids said...

Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog! It's a good thing you got in on the ground floor!

I was excited to find out that one of my followers has a blog of her own, and I have enjoyed reading it immensely.

This, however, was my favorite post...

NOTHING beats someone who embraces something funny about themselves, and the fact that Sir Rick does it so perfectly here, really makes me happy to be part of this world!

Thanks again for reading my blog!!


Maggie said...

And we are very happy to have you here in this world with us!

(by the way, if your mum doesn't know who I am, let me know and I'll pop her an e-mail...)