Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Siena the Supermodel

Me: I've been eyeing this stool, just for some randomness
T: it's a must-have for every household.
Me: clearly. I am tempted
T: I thought you just bought a coffee table?
Me: I was just given a coffeee table, and I love it. But this is a stool, like to put your feet up on.
T: oh, well, in that case, as I said, it's a must-have.
Me: or upon which to perch Siena and take pictures of the wild jungle cat
T: exactly.
Me: Siena insists that "Rio" be played at all her photo sessions
T: well, that does go with her long curly locks.
Me: except for when she's feeling hungry, hungry like the wolf
T: she must be excited that Duran Duran just came out with a new album
Me: yes, yes she is
T: well, now i know what to get her for Christmas.
Me: she snuck out at midnight with my purse, and went down to Tower
T: she's so sneaky.
Me: also, she's really good at hailing a cab, and at forging my signature.

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