Monday, December 06, 2004

...Man Alive

Jude Law has a disproportionately large head. Regardless, please go see Closer as soon as possible. Jude's character is more whiny brat than sexiest man alive, but Clive Owen makes up for it, and you hate yourself for wanting him even when he's all nasty and smarmy. Dave and I sat in the theater long after the credits were done, jaws still hanging kind of low. Many of the reviews I've read say that the relationships are twisted. Well, maybe I'm messed up then, but I thought it was a very honest portrayal of how people really do feel. Honest in a way that not only movies never show, but people don't want to admit to themselves.

And Julia Roberts was the most sympathetic I've ever seen her in any film. I've never bought her sweetheart shtick; I've found most of her characters to be cold and selfish. But here, she keeps trying to do the right thing, she's torn and conflicted, and you really feel for her. She was the most breathtakingly beautiful I've ever seen her, as well.

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