Friday, November 24, 2006

Giving thanks for hypocrisy

There used to be 23 comments on the last post, which I've since deleted. For those of you unfamiliar with the players, a brief history:

Epenthesis is my friend Mike's blog. You may have seen him commenting on here once or twice, or met him at a party or PubNight. He's been being harassed in his comments for some time now by this ass who calls himself "Grossman." Recently Grossman has stepped up the harassment by insulting Mike's dead father.

I understand that those of us who blog are taking ourselves out of the private sphere, and by making our words public, we open ourselves up to attacks. However, there are millions of bloggers -- we're not that influential, and if you don't like what one of us says, there are plenty of others to choose from. So I don't understand why anyone would continue a campaign of harassment against someone they only know online.

And to do so under a shield of anonymity is just cowardly. When I post somewhere as Maggie, I always link back to this blog, so even if someone doesn't know who I am, at least they can have some context, and a place where they can respond to me. Grossman gives no such courtesy. He hides behind an unlinked username, since he can dish it out, but he can't take it.

A few days ago, when Mike was forced to step up his measures to block Grossman, I once again observed how pathetic G's behavior is. So he decided to target me as well. But I found it almost funny. After about a dozen comments, you'd think he'd have gotten as bored with his pathetic inanity as the rest of us were by then, but it was clear that he enjoyed listening to himself. So he continued, bragging about his ignorance and using nasty slurs, presumably because he thought it made him look like a big man (though he actually looked about 8 years old). We were all impressed at how he insulted himself every time he wrote something -- he did our work for us. The irony was comical: He harassed countless folks he doesn't even know, and never apologized to anyone for his behavior, all the while vociferously proclaming that we reap what we sow (so I wonder what kind of retribution he'll be getting). Truly, it was almost performance art.

Anyway, I post now to speak out against the assholes, but I'm not too comfortable giving them any kind of forum, so I deleted all the comments. If you ever see Grossman lurking around here, though, feel free to give him shit.

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Mike B. said...

Heh. Sorry he's decided to branch out, but thanks for taking it in such good humor.

And there's no groupie--it's all him.