Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What women want

My horoscope for today:
Now is a great time for you to get what you want out of life, whether it's a new sweetie, a better gig or just some peace and quiet for the day. You're filled with raw power and can use it however you want.

So what do I want? I have no idea. Yesterday I wanted a new job; today things are going more smoothly and my boss loves me. Monday A. joined me out for a birthday dinner, and it reminded me how much I still adore him and how he makes me laugh (despite his fixation with undergrads, but really, who am I to talk?); today I want to ask the Lumberjack to go furniture shopping with me. In North Carolina. Last week I was working on adding a shelf to my bedroom closet; this morning I seriously thought about switching to the downstairs bedroom.

Honestly, I never know what's best for me, and I think too much. I wish I could flop through life and let the cards fall as they will.

Ooh! In the spirit of post-election-day fabulousness (Democrats everywhere, no alcohol in the 7-11, yay gay marriage!, bye-bye Rumsfeld), and recalling the famous "Pick Maggie's Husband" vote of 1999 (I should really dredge up that website and archive it somewhere), let's have a ballot referendum. (yes, Auntie Amanda told me to stop dating by committee, and she had a point, but this is fun!)

Q1: Should I stay in the upstairs bedroom, or move downstairs?

Upstairs advantages -- upstairs, away from the rest of the house; large closet; bed's already up there.
Up disadvantages -- hot and stuffy; shares a wall with the upstairs apartment, I can hear them, and they can hear me (or they will if ever I get some play); no space for a double-wide dresser.
Downstairs advantages -- larger; closer to the bathroom; good feng shui; fits a wide dresser; upstairs kids won't hear me having sex over their Cheerios; I could use my old fabulous box spring.
Down disadvantages -- small closet; close to the rest of the house; I already bought a new split box spring for the upstairs bedroom.

Q2: Should I stick with it at the Paper of Record, or try to move to NPR?

Exposure and power versus intellectual cred and a sense of superiority. Also, do I want to be famous?

Q3: Wherever I stay, should I be trying for a byline or an on-air feature?

Would you want to hear my voice over your radio every afternoon, or maybe once a weekend like Ira Glass?

Q4: Does A get another chance, the next time he's free?

He is a serial monogamist, after all, you know he'll be looking for a new girlfriend five minutes after he breaks up with this one.

Okay, go! Vote early and often!


Nomda Ploome said...

Q1. Downstairs. It's bigger and closer to the bathroom. Not to mention the feng shui of it.

Q2. Knowing you the way I do (or don't), I'd say that intellectual cred and a sense of superiority is a stronger motivation for you than exposure and power. So, NPR. And of course you want to be famous. Duh. Take voice lessons.

Q3. Go with the online dating service. I know how much you love beating dead horses, but... stop.

Q4. See Q3.

shane said...

Downstairs definitely. And NPR I would love to hear you. I could do guest spots. What would your show be? I don't care. It would be awesome.

haneway said...

I'm late to the comment party, but here's my $.02

Q1. Downstairs. Maybe the quiet will inspire you

Q2. Hmmm. Intellectual cred (or lack thereof) has been a theme in recent conversations. Being the centrist that I am, I say stay until the spring (therefore 1 year at current gig), then move.

Q3. Yes, either way. If you try, at least it won't be making you crazy any more.

Q4. In the wonderful words of Nomda -- stop...just...stop Don't look back, look forward