Thursday, May 10, 2007

Music fan gets Popped; and Winchester's not that bad...

As put it, "Shoving match disrupts opening night of Boston Pops." Apparently someone doesn't take too kindly to being asked to keep it down. Reminds me of that time I went to a movie, and the woman in the seat in front of me sat on the back of her chair, instead of the seat, just to push it down onto my knees! Why? Because the guy sitting next to me had asked her to keep it down...

Anyway, it was the Pop-Ed feature today, and the comments on the message board are hysterical (if you ignore the assholes like bakala_2000). This might be my fave, if unfair, post:
Cynthia and moi witnessed the whole shameful event. It all started when the heathen sitting in the less than desirable seat in the balcony, must have been a Yale man, accidentally spilled his glass of Dom Perignon onto the blazer of the gentleman sitting next to him. He said, "Excuse me sir", to which the gentleman with the wet blazer replied, "Sir! I demand satisfaction!" He then stood up and scolded him severely! Well, Cynthia almost fainted at the sight of such roughhewns and I summoned the chauffer and we were whisked back to Winchester. I must say it will be some time before we dare to go back to the Pops again!
Seriously -- we're not all like that in Winchester.


kalimera said...

That clip never gets old. I think I need to post it on my blog too. I don't know Winchester well enough. Sometime I will need to visit it, to get the feel. Hingham does approach it.

Anonymous said...

Not to gossip. But your old friend, CB, cheated on his girlfriend to go out with a girl who isn't even out of college. That's right. She could nearly be his daughter. Ugh. So, he's not winning any sympathy being the newly-crowned King of Lying Cheating Tarts. Ugh. Ironic, huh? Thought you'd get a laugh out of it.

Maggie said...

Honestly, it took me a full 10 minutes to remember who CB even *is*. Good thing you put in the musical reference!

Damn, I seem to have started a trend, after I hooked up with that undergrad last year who was literally, but barely, young enough to be my son. And at risk of getting yelled at once again for mentioning the Lumberjack at all, he is, of course, dating an undergrad himself.

We must all be having mid-life (or at least mid-thirties) crises!

Anonymous said...

Oh lord. You're better off, really. You should thank your lucky stars. A graduate student -- would have been okay. An undergrad. Jesus.

If you're a woman in her 30s, it makes sense because the undergrads are more likely to keep up with you if you get my drift. But for men in their 30s, what do you think it means? It's not a badge of honor anymore. It means something else entirely. That they are probably good candidates for Viagra.

Maggie said...

This is actually kinda funny, because that's exactly why I do go for the younger men. And I was just talking about this with my dad over the weekend. I told him I was considering emulating Madonna, and having a fling with my personal trainer. Who is 24 and a Brown graduate.

My dad didn't approve of the younger guy thing, and actually said that it's okay for men to go for younger women, but not the other way around. But I argued that it actually makes *more* sense, because 1. women live longer then men, and 2. women reach their sexual peak later. So in most respects, older women are better matched to younger men.

But, my dad counter-argued, ten years down the road, the man will realize that he's with an aging woman, and will ditch her for someone younger and prettier.

To think this is the man who raised me to be a feminist!

I pointed out to him that women are aging better and better, whereas men are all getting bald and paunchy sooner. So who's to say the woman won't ditch her younger man for an even *younger* model, as soon as his hair starts thinning? Men need to stop thinking that they call all the shots. And I'm not going to choose my guy on an assumption of his future bad behavior, or an assumption that I have an expiration date.