Friday, March 30, 2007

Put your money where my mouth is

Hey there, my loving and loyal audience!

Remember when we debated whether I should go back to NPR? And you were all for it?

Remember how this brilliant artist, who should know a thing or two about culture, started getting all insistent that I get myself on the radio, or find myself a public forum in which to tell my stories? He wants me to be the next Spalding Gray, the witty, frantic voice of my generation, but without the personal neuroses, depression and suicide.

Remember that an impartial measure determined that I have a good voice for tv and radio? Because I do!

Well dig this, baby -- the time has come to put it all to the test.

The Public Radio Talent Quest!

Check out my profile, and give me suggestions on how to improve it. Then pass the link around and spread the word, and when the time comes, Vote Early and Often! When I'm all Public Radio famous, I won't forget who helped me get there, and I'll share your stories with the world (with your permission, of course!)

The Public Radio Talent Quest


uptonatom said...

I am the webmaster for on behalf of the Estate.
I would like to post a link on the site to your blog. It's interesting, intriguing...
and maybe someone vote for ya!

If you go to
and click on contact, that goes to me...and let me know when to vote.
Please send me the blog address in your email as that helps me keep track.

Maggie said...

I sat next to Spalding once while lunching at the Noho Star in New York. It was a thrill. I didn't want to interrupt his lunch meeting, but once he died I regretted not having taken that opportunity to tell him much I admired him and enjoyed his work.

I'd be honored to have a link on your site, thanks!