Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh Captain *My* Captain

I knew that national sympathy case Alicia Sacramone was a local, but I didn't realize that the gymnastics team captain was my local, from my very hometown!

Chin up, Alicia. You've done great things, and although the international spotlight sucks at the moment, we all remember your victories too!


Em said...

She really cracked under the pressure... but she'll be fine. She's got another shot at a medal.

Anonymous said...

My heart just cracked in half, head lowered to my knees when I watched her. That poor kid had to be in nine kinds of agony. I'm glad she's getting lots of love and support.

Maggie said...

I know, it's so terrible when these kids get tossed aside for one slip up under pressure. It's great that she's being supported and cheered on.