Friday, July 27, 2007

Rubbing Bacon Salt Into a Wound

Okay, not bad, actually, but the best tile I could come up with. So my boyfriend has a write-up in Seattlist: Seattlest: Bacon Salt: Food of the Gods, or Actually a God?

I'm not so thrilled with the offer of a public blowjob, or the sacreligious title (that he didn't write anyway), but aside from that, I'm pretty proud of him!


Caroline said...

If your boyfriend heads to Boston, let us know. He can leave the offer of public blowjobs behind because we're shy, but that post was great! Read and recommended!

Maggie said...

I'll pass on the offer, but I *did* tell him that I'd break up with him if he moved to Boston -- because I really like long-distance relationships.

That said, does this mean you're still looking for a food writer? said...

a week late the answer is yes