Monday, July 16, 2007

Yet another Somerville - Wesleyan connection

For years Wesleyan University, and specifically Alpha Delt, has been taking over Somerville. Well, now Somerville is fighting back, doing some colonizing of our own. Josh Michtom of Somerville Madonna fame is heading to CT, where his wife has a new job at Wes.


Josh Michtom said...

So glad to see that someone out there thinks it's a positive thing that I'm moving to Connecticut! I'm a little apprehensive about living in the 'burbs.

Maggie said...

It's not bad, Middletown's way nicer than it was when I was going there. And you're twenty minutes from Hartford, 40 minutes to New Haven, and less than an hour to Northampton and the Happy Pioneer Valley.

I wouldn't call it the 'burbs so much as small-town living, which can be pretty cool.

If you get bored, head on over to Alpha Delt. Their parties rock, their dining hall is excellent, and they'll probably ask you to join! (we have several faculty and admin members)