Monday, September 12, 2005

I feel like Maggie tonight, like Maggie tonight.....

The Advertising Slogan Generator came up with a few alternate tag lines, should I ever want to retire "More Drinking, Less Driving":

A Maggie is Forever.
Behold the Power of Maggie.
Maggie, the Other White Meat. (hmm, not sure how I feel about being called bland. Or chicken, or porcine)
Maggie, Take Me Away!
There's First Love, and There's Maggie Love.
The Maggie that Eats Like a Meal.
If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Maggie.
Does She or Doesn't She? Only Maggie Knows for Sure.
Unzip a Maggie.
Feel The Raw Naked Maggie Of The Road.
Come See the Softer Side of Maggie.
Any Time, Any Place, Maggie.
Life Should Taste As Good As Maggie.
What's In Your Maggie?
Don't You Just Love Being In Maggie?
Maggie Comes to [or maybe for...] Those Who Wait.
and, drumroll please...
Whatever You're Into, Get Into Maggie.

I feel so dirty...

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