Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I owe you one...

...or two, or ten. Life has been extremely busy, hectic, crazy, surreal. And instead of telling you all about it, I disappear!

Shortest answer is, I got the call last Tuesday that my grandmother was at the end, and hopped on a plane to Chicago that night to say goodbye. I just got back last night. But no, she did not die, though she is failing fast, so expect me to be gone again sometime soon when I head back out there for the funeral.

Other news I owe you: the end of the bachelors, the new guys, my running stats, plans for New Orleans, peripheral family drama (well, maybe not), and a way way overdue Quarterly Report. Also, I'm having a party the night of the race, September 17. E-mail me if you want to come and I'll send you the Evite info. And I need a date for this wedding on September 24, but I have to RSVP soon, so if you want to sweep me off my feet, better do it like, now. (Steph, Manda suggested Big D, but I haven't even talked to him in forever. Thoughts?)

And then there's work. In general I try not to talk about my job in this public place, even though I use a pseudonym. But it's gotten out of control, and I may crack a bit and spill a few beans. In the meantime, anyone know of a magazine or media website that's hiring? I would REALLY love to give notice, like, tomorrow. My ideal places to work would be: AP, Esquire, Slate, Washington Post, or epicurious.com.


Anonymous said...

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Maggie said...

You know, considering how thick and fab the hair on my head is, I'm surprisingly hair-free on the rest of my body (especially for a Mediterranean gal). But thanks anyway!

*Seriously,* does anyone know why I've suddenly started getting comment spam, after so many spam-free months?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they know that the groom hasn't shaved in a while.