Thursday, September 08, 2005

Maggie does a big movie premiere!

A couple of weeks ago jodiroadie and I went to the premiere of The Baxter. At the after-party we were photographed, and failed to meet Sting, but I did meet a very nice Italian who asked for my phone number.

Unlike the Kid I fell head over heels for the next night, the Italian actually did call, and we set up a dinner date...for the night that I was summoned to Chicago to see my ailing grandmother.

The Kid hasn't called since the night we met (yes, he called about an hour after I left him; oh what a player), and he blew the three chances I gave him, so I'm done there. But the Italian was very understanding and sweet about rescheduling our date (and the reason for it), so tonight I'm off to Sushi Samba with a hot and charming fella. I've never been there, believe it or not, so wish me well.

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