Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Whisperer: my next career

I am a Baby Whisperer extraordinaire, and Auntie Maggie to countless children at home and abroad. But I always figured this was a calling, not a vocation.

Until this weekend. I just taught a seven-month-old baby to swim! First I got him acclimated to being in the water. If he got upset, we stepped out for a while, then we went right back in. Once he was calm with me holding him in the water, I put him on his back.

First I held his head with one hand and his back with the other. Then I let go of his back, but kept his head up. Then, once I saw that he was holding his face above water on his own, I slowly... let go.. of his head! And he was floating! All on his own! He was wailing a little hit, but his mother said that was the sound he makes when he's determined and trying to do something, not the upset sound.

Soon he stopped making sounds at all, and just floated. Then he started to kick! It was lovely to see.

After a bit of that, I turned him on his belly, but didn't let go. Still, he kept his face out of the water, and kept kicking. He even paddled a little!

Videos on YouTube. E-mail me and I'll send you links. I'm seriously considering "infant swim instructor" for a second career.

Afterwards, he was wiped out from working so hard, and all that excitement. We wrapped him up warm and snug, and he crashed hard in his mummy's arms. The next day, I took him on a pony ride at the horse show. We joked that I'd teach him to ride a bike next week, followed by bourbon and cigarettes.

What color is your aura?

The magnificent Nina has posted a color quiz for us all. As my life is very introspective lately, any and all analysis tools are helpful.

Especially when they're pretty spot-on. Check this out!

ColorQuiz.commaggiebex took the free personality test!
"Strives for a life rich in activity and experience..."
Click here to read the rest of the results.

My Existing Situation
Sensitive; needs esthetic surroundings, or an equally sensitive and understanding partner with whom to share a warm intimacy.

My Stress Sources
Wants to overcome a feeling of emptiness and of separation from others. Believes that life still has far more to offer and that she may miss her share of experiences if she fails to make the best use of every opportunity. She therefore pursues her objectives with a fierce intensity and commits herself deeply and readily. Feels herself to be completely competent in any field in which she engages, and can sometimes be considered by others to be interfering or meddlesome.

My Restrained Characteristics
Feels that she cannot do much about her existing problems and difficulties and that she must make the best of things as they are. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.

Insists that her goals are realistic and sticks obstinately to them, even though circumstances are forcing her to compromise. Very exacting in the standards she applies to her choice of a partner, and seeking a rather unrealistic perfection in her sex life.

My Desired Objective
Strives for a life rich in activity and experience, and for a close bond offering sexual and emotional fulfillment.

My Actual Problem
The fear that she might be prevented from achieving the things she wants leads her to play her part with an urgent and hectic intensity.

Fights against restriction or limitation, and insists on developing freely as a result of her own efforts.
Sure, YMMV, but I enjoyed it. If you take the quiz, please let me know how well you feel it got you.

Speaking of my life and what I want to achieve with it -- please continue to send whatever positive vibes or wishes or karmic juju or whatever your magic of choice in my direction for a desirable outcome. After all, you know how I "pursue my objectives with a fierce intensity and commit myself deeply and readily"!

PS: And then I could not stop myself from taking it again. Diff results, some overlap, still pretty good:

ColorQuiz.commaggiebex took the free personality test!
"Longs for a tender and sympathetic bond and for a ..."
Click here to read the rest of the results.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World.

because we love the Onion.

Monkey patterned baby blankets!

From lovely Rikshaw Design.

Ow, now my womb hurts. Need baby to wrap in monkeys, STAT!

Chaos of CUTENESS!

B called me this morning to alert me to this Breaking Monkey News.

Of CUTENESS! (particularly the Japanese edit of the video).

In addition, Tokyo Subway Monkey? Not a bad name for a band.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Love in the Stars

Scorpio Horoscope: Daily Love horoscope:
"Your deepest fantasies are a little closer to reality today, and that could mean that you're about to make a big breakthrough! Your great energy is perfect for making big changes in your life."


Also, I might be going to the Hamptons this weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh Captain *My* Captain

I knew that national sympathy case Alicia Sacramone was a local, but I didn't realize that the gymnastics team captain was my local, from my very hometown!

Chin up, Alicia. You've done great things, and although the international spotlight sucks at the moment, we all remember your victories too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Non-compete clause

Believe this or not, as you wish, but I'm not competitive.

True, I want my credit when it's due, but I don't need to win over someone else. I usually figure that my god-given smarts, charm, grace, Amazing RackTM -- what have you -- should be recognized and appreciated on their own merits. If I have to self-promote, then what's the point? The game's already lost.

I also have an aversion to trying too hard that is so strong, I will sometimes overcompensate by not trying at all. For example, my writing? Please! I can't write a pitch letter to save my life, and if through some miracle I actually get an assignment despite myself, I almost never follow through and write it. Wouldn't writing something with my name splashed all over it be... overeager self-promotion? And it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Yes, I know this is ridiculous and self-defeating (and totally contradictory to my chosen profession). And yes, I am aware that I only act this way when I'm thinking about it. If you can get me out of my head -- acting or reacting on instinct -- I do just fine, thanks.

The corollary of this means that I have absolutely no game. Call upon me to flirt on demand, and I'll probably retreat to a corner with my knitting. Ask me to close the deal, and I'll leave for home on my own. Certainly, I'm a naturally gifted flirt and I've had (more than?) my share of hook-ups, but I can't choose to do it.

So it was with great interest that I watched a friend of mine work her game tonight. She shot the lights out!
Perhaps this requires further anthropological study . . .

Addendum: While looking for just the right hoops expression to extend my already tired metaphor, I was given the following suggestions from the guys in my office:
  • move well without the ball
  • getting some good, open looks
  • bury the three-point shot.
  • really dish the rock
  • instant offense
  • taking it to the hole
  • great at no-look passes
  • great with dribble penetration
  • had the hot hand
  • good in the clutch
  • really score in transition ...
  • pounding the ball inside
    (at which point we really began to notice how many hoops cliches are so double-entendre-y)
  • dominated in the paint
  • playing above the rim
  • raining threes
  • hit the money shot
  • pulled it out in overtime
  • a come-from-behind win
  • nailed the buzzer beater
  • "pulled out a come-from-behind win" = triple entendre
  • "nailed a buzzer beater to seal a come-from-behind win" = quardruple entendre

Got more for me? Comment away, baybee!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Yoga Butt

I haz it.

But baby? I haz it not. More updates to come.

Boston's Talented Mr. Ripley

Wait, now he's wanted for murder?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Elvis Costello was on the lam?

I don't like how he looks with red hair, either.