Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Office Gossip: more affairs of the heart

What is it about love and dating today? Everything I have read and blogged about seems to have led up to what just happenned.

My office crush, my thwarted workplace affair that never really went anywhere, is now officially over. He's got a new job; his last day is Friday.

Just a week ago, we reopened that file, and though I wasn't quite planning to make it an active project again, it was there. Then yesterday, I suddenly had this urge, this need, to have a man's hands on my hips. That's all I needed, hands on hips, maybe an arm around my waist. It was an odd craving, I'll admit. And I was all set to grab a snuggle, when the rest of the world decided to join us out back for a smoke break. So my hips went unsatisfied.

Today, I hear the news not from him, but from my boss in an official announcement. Immediately, the boy and I headed out back to talk, but it was snowing, so the security guard decided to show us all the secret passages in our Byzantine building where you can grab a smoke indoors (thinking that's what we were loooking for). Abandoned corners, secret nooks. That was great of him, but then he didn't leave us, instead hung around to make small talk. As we worked our way back into the main building, the boy whispered, "Now you know all these places where you can sneak off for an office tryst," and I would have grabbed him right then and there and put one of said corners to good use... were it not for the over-attentive guard. I didn't even have a clever response.

We lingered in the hallway outside my office until one too many coworkers walked by with an insinuating comment. Tomorrow he'll be swamped with meetings, and Friday I'm off for Good Friday, and will miss the goodbye party. We'll go out to dinner next week to toast him, and I know I'll see him again after he leaves. But right now, in this moment, my heart is surprisingly achy.

Update: I'm taking Easter Monday off instad of Good Friday, so I'll be here for at least part of any send-off festivities. I'll let you know what happens.

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Anonymous said...

wasn't Amanda's sleepover about 3 weeks ago ?

Didn't I mention something about work and true love ?

Hmmm ?

Get the digits, email, what have never know !