Monday, July 11, 2005

running sucks, but it could be worse

So my run yesterday morning was deadly. I ran the longest stretch to date before taking a walking break, but then I couldn't get started again. Every time I started to run, I caved after a few minutes. It was bad. I even had the coach running with me, trying to figure out why I was struggling, trying to keep me motivated. My only consolation was that almost everyone else in the group was having just as much trouble. Maybe it was the humidity, maybe there was a high pollen count and the air quality sucked.

Anyway, things could have been worse ...
me: but now that I started running, I'm trying to be better
z: running?
me: I'm in training
z: for?
me: I'm doing this program for beginning runners
z: oh i see
me: at the end of the summer we'll run a 10K race
z: i can't run - can't get into it
me: it helps to have 10-15 people urging you on
z: yeah i bet
me: I've been running 3+ miles every sunday and tuesday morning
me: but when I try to do it on my own, I suck
z: kills me
me: me too, but then I feel better
me: and I want to get all strong and buff and athletic
z: i may start taking some classes - my friends do "israeli combat boxing" and that sounds pretty hardcore
me: dear god
me: yeah. but put "israeli combat" in front of anything and it sounds hardcore
z: well, it's a former israeli commando dude teaching you
z: lol
z: but yes, you're right
me: israeli combat fishing
me: israeli combat dentistry
me: israeli combat quilting


Anonymous said...

I think there's possibly nothing more hardcore than israeli combat dentistry...

Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

I myself think running is boring. I only run once a year on this 8k mini-marathon (I didn't name it, mind you) because you get to cross Lisbon bridge on foot. The 25th of April bridge in Lisbon, Portugal is very similar to the Golden Gate.


Maggie said...

Nice to see you posting again, buddy. Welcome back!