Monday, September 19, 2005

Race Stats

Because I know you want to know...

So I was hoping to finish the four miles in 45 minutes, but I said I'd be satisfied as long as I finished in under 50. Secretly, though, I was hoping that a rush of race-day adrenaline would propel me to a 40-minute miracle finish!

So how did I actually do, on that humid, icky, oppresive day?

I finished in 46:51 minutes.
My pace averaged 11:42 minutes/mile.
I came in 3056 of 3305 total runners, 1583 of 1770 women runners, and (this is my favorite statistic)...
660 out of 1407 runners in my age group (30-39 year-olds)!


I'm pretty happy. Unfortunately, I'm still recovering from all the post-race celebrating.

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Anonymous said...

So proud of you! Not least for a 24 hour day which started with with a 4 mile run and ended with a marathon... of drinkin' and eatin' ;)