Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Look at who's #2 on the list!

So apparently I need an übersexual, since "....gravitating toward strong women tends to be an über trait."


Anonymous said...

Finally, a meaningless buzzword I can aspire to... (Oh, and despite my überness, and my definite penchant for strong women, you and I have not messed around, then dated, fallen in love, cheated on each other, fought bitterly for 18 months in an escalating war of increasingly absurd and cruel pranks, called a truce and ignored each other at the wedding of mutual friends, until the stupidity of our ways was driven home by another mutual friend who had become a rabbi, had a few too many mojitos laughing over old times, gone to your place for circus sex, only to wake up hung over, sheepish, confused and sticky. No, that never happened.)

Maggie said...

Rabbi? I don't think either of us is Jewish, so I'd have to agree with you that this never happened.

But thanks fo the reassurance!