Sunday, February 26, 2006

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Got here way early this morning. The suite is gorgeous! Sadly, we don't have a Strip view, but very few of the rooms in this hotel do (all but the highest floors are blocked by the Luxor in that direction). As we checked in about six hours before normal check-in time and got a lovely room at all, I'm not complaining.

I am more sad about the fact that the famous beach and wave pool(!) is closed for the winter for only TWO MORE WEEKS, so our timing is just a bit off. But I'm already up $50 at the slots! I was up $75, but I decided I would play $25 in an effort to win a BMW convertible, and would keep trying until that budget was blown. No free car for me!

Tomorrow, we soak in the spa and explore the world outside the Mandalay Bay environs. First order of business, find a charger for my digital camera, because I'm the genius who came to Vegas for the first time with a near-dead battery. And there's a store here called Five Little Monkeys, so you know I need to take pictures!

I'm trying to ride this lucky streak as long as I can. If I win crazy big money, I'll buy a house in Boston AND one in the Slope, so I can visit all the time! Wish me luck!

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