Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Very Slowly and I Am CELLPHONE You

Too, too, sexy, in a disturbing way that only someone as hard up as myself could find appealing.

Kidding! But it is funny, no? I am loving this guy. So much so that his is the only 9/11 anniversary commentary that I could tolerate reading. I feel exactly the same way he does, for the first two graphs, at least.

I also felt like I was in an action movie -- Independence Day and Armageddon were the two that went through my mind -- and that I had to get off the island at all costs, because the Empire State building was about to be attacked by aliens or a big meteor, and I wasn't going to stand around and stare and then be trapped in the streets, futilely climbing over cars. And I also agree with him that I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. And I hate hearing about it. All of these memorials, and bullshit about how we were unified... we weren't. You have your own pain, I don't deny you that. But if you weren't there, then you do not feel mine. I can assure you that it's totally different, so stop pretending we were unified as a nation in our suffering. Does anyone pretend to share the suffering of the folks in Oklahoma City? Of the Columbine parents? Of course not.

Wow, that started one place and ended up way different, huh? Sorry about the bait-and-switch.


Anonymous said...

Nobody knows the trouble I seen...

United doesn't necessarily mean "same". People can be united in fear, grief, hope, etc. without feeling it in exactly the same way, don't you think? And to be united in an emotion or event doesn't make the way any particular person experiences it any more or less special.

Maggie said...

But I don't think we were even united in our emotions. I don't know how you guys were doing in DC, but in New York, we weren't thinking of revenge, we were thinking of survival, of getting it back together and moving on, living our lives. To have people in Kansas talk about vengeance and retribution and fear and grief, for our sakes -- it just makes me feel manipulated for their purposes.

Sigh. Again, I'm not saying they didn't feel pain, I'm just saying that they should step off mine. And that's why I didn't watch any of the retrospectives or any of that stuff, I have my own memories, thanks.