Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Lumberjack Day!

Holy, maple-soaked crap! Lumberjack Day was last week, and I missed it! Admittedly, I was in Italy for a funeral, and also I'm totally disenamored of the Lumberjack, but still... how about that Zeitgeist, hmm?


swampish said...

You also missed national Talk Like a Pirate day. Maybe a consideration for future relationships?

Maggie said...

Oh, no, I didn't miss TLAP Day; I've been observing that for years! We even had a bunch of stuff on the site that day at work.

So you think I should date a pirate? I feel like I already have. Anyway, I have my hopes set on a good ole Southern boy next, methinks.

shane said...

Hey. So yes, I am definitely coming to Homecoming. Jim I guess is working out the details of where we will be staying, but I am guessing the house. I don't have your number, so I can't call you. I hope that you have mine and could call me.