Thursday, August 16, 2007

Roving Puppet Comedy in Cambridge!!!!!!

Ordinarily, if you don't have plans to come to PubNight, then I would tell you that you are an idiot of the first order, because PubNight is excellent.


Tonight, I'm really wishing PubNight had not chosen this week to boldly cross the river into Brookline, and instead we'd stuck to our cozy Cambridge home base. Because tonight, Inman Square is Where the Wild Things Are, and by wild things I mean Muppets, Bowie, free Popcorn, a very young Jennifer Connelly, and ROVING PUPPET COMEDY.

Sorry, I need to stop yelling and calm down.


Wait, wait, hold the phone (oh, yeah, if you've been trying to reach me, the cell is dead, the cell charger is in Vancouver, and the new land line isn't playing nice quite yet. Try not to miss me too much, or call my roommate or my office if it's dire).

ANYway, that Roving Puppet Comedy? They will be performing...
(deep calming breath)
Law and PUPPET!

Kalimera, I know you don't want to miss that one, get yourself over there! (you weren't going to cross the raging scary river for PN anyway, right?)


Zanne said...

Awhn, man, I love that Maze-like puppet movie - it is one of my favorites.

So if you lost your cell charger in Vancouver, what did you find? Inquiring minds want to know . . . (who are currently in Maryland)

Maggie said...

I found a guy who calls the hotel and gets them to find the charger and FedEx it to me, so I am all back in communication now, baybee!

And when you find a guy like that, you tell him you love him and you hold on tight. Which is what I did today.

Enjoy Maryland, give folks my love, see you soon!