Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Womb with a View

A bad pun, but it's true. Here is a photo of my abdominal/pelvic area:

But Maggie, you may be wondering, where are your lady parts? Et voilá! On demand, they appear:

Please note that the uterus is nicely formed and shaped, with no adhesions, polyps, tears, dents, dings, scuffs or scratches. (Don't worry, the missing bottom of the triangle just has not yet filled with dye.) The tiny pencil line squiggles? Lovely sturdy fallopian tubes free of twists, tangles, bulges or weak spots, ending in nice big catching mitts to grab an egg or two. The fuzzy wispy stuff at the ends and drifting about the abdominal cavity a bit is contrast dye, which, having flown unimpeded through the tubes, illuminated the bits for our benefit, and having found no blockages -- YAY -- has successfully exited the subway system. Here's another peek with a bit more wispiness:

Beautiful and perfect, a textbook example, in prime condition (though who knew an empty womb was so small?). Seems a shame to waste it, right? I agree!

I return to the smiling German Ob/Gyn (I have yet to settle on a blog nickname for this lovely man) tomorrow to review the results of this hysterosalpingogram, but so far, it looks like a big, fecund thumbs-up.


Anonymous said...

That is 99% extremely cool and 1% very slightly disturbing to look at. Congratulations on the beautiful plumbing.

Nina said...

Obviously, my feed reader is not working, or I would have seen these two days ago. Gorgeoous fallopian tubes... darling triangle of uterus... not to mention that your whole pelvic area is just ideal. Thank you for sharing.. I know you felt a little weird about it. An update from the smiling German doctor would be most welcome.... you know... just in case you feel like sharing even more.

Maggie said...

Your feed reader, Ms. Reader, might not be set to display updated posts. As this is the same post that said "Watch this space" earlier, which I updated once I had picked up the CD-Rom of images.

And can we talk for a moment about how cool modern technology is? Once upon a time you had to get huge fragile films of various tests, carry and store them carefully, and not have them archived anywhere. This week, 24 hours after the test, I went back to the hospital and picked up a CD, clearly labelled with the name of the hospital, doctor, type of test, date performed, my name and ID number, and a confidentiality statement. I should scan it and post that too -- it's just that cool.

Domo origato, Mr. Sony-san!

(Yes, I'll post a Jolly German update soon...)