Monday, May 19, 2008

With uni you get two

Grub Street tells of a funny foodie mensch who's looking for a Ko-date on Craigslist. B insisted that I reply (if this works out, he will have only himself to blame...):
Hello, you hysterically funny foodie!

I'm not a Brazilian porn star, but I have gotten an occasional brazilian, and I always find rock star parking. Haven't played Rock Band yet, but my 11-year-old niece got me hooked on Guitar Hero. But I digress...

Baggage -- does my Samsonite wheelie bag count? Because, seriously, it's amazing. Ten years old, travels with me about every other weekend on average, it's been as far as Japan and the Caribbean, doubles as a cat bed whenever I forget to put it away, and it's still going strong. Also, it may have saved my life, as I was dropping it off for repairs instead of commuting down to the WTC on the morning of September 11.

I speak five languages. Unfortunately, Dutch is not one of them. That said, if you're "romantically forking foie gras into [my] mug," I'll let you cop a feel. Left or right breast, your choice -- each is magnificent. Feed me uni too, and you can touch both.

You want a link? Here.
You want a picture? There's one in this post.

Ko ho,
Hmm, I might have to make an OK Cupid profile out of that.


Unknown said...

I'm not much of a grubber, but I thought I'd share one with you for once... that too much info blog you put me onto eons ago,, is now I saw it on this vegas thing I read. Thought you'd like to know.

Maggie said...

Glad to know that he's still cute and still an attention whore. Though I don't understand why someone would switch their blog to such a goofy name.

Thanks for the update!

Mindy said...

maggie, love your writing, saw stopped by via grub street :-P
we share the same love of uni, you should stop by Soto if you get a chance... it's heavenly!

Maggie said...

Mindy, thanks for the heads up! I didn't know anything until I got your comment -- not that Ko-thario had made a choice, not that Grub Street had posted an update, nothing. I'm just excited that I now have my own tags (2 of them!) on the Grub Street blog!

So are you going with the guy, are you Domenique? OR are you going on your own?

Mindy said...

no I'm going on Sunday on my own, finally persuaded a new friend to go. they're going on Saturday night I believe.

if I knew there would be other people interested to go, I would've loved to meet someone like you!

take care