Wednesday, February 02, 2005

back among the living

I've been ill, bedridden, coughing and wheezing and suffocating. Sorry no posting, but today's the first day back in front of a computer. Jane and Deb were wonderful, bringing me soup and ice cream and meds; I love them. Dave is afraid of my germs, but he called often to make sure I was okay. Other people who knew I was sick never checked in at all, but you know, there's just not enough love in the world for me! Apparently.

In my absence, my latest and greatest project at work got some national attention. I've just rolled out new photo galleries to our affiliated sites, and used the new galleries to do a feature on the ravages of crystal meth. Lots of sites, including Memepool, linked to us, and our stats for the photo section shot up to over 600,000 hits a day! Pity when you link directly to a gallery, as these sites did, you can't really see the elegance of my design, but if you follow the direct link to the story and pop the gallery from there, it should look right.

Dying, going home. More tomorrow. Disinfected kisses.

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