Monday, August 01, 2005

Here's my chance!

I'm going to submit my brilliant lobster ice cream idea to this Häagen-Dazs contest! The best part is, it's so outlandish, I know they'll never steal it unless I actually win the contest. "Oh, we didn't get that idea from you; we'd been planning a seafood-based ice cream for quite some time now." Hah!

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Anonymous said...

Meant to comment on the original lobster ice cream post, but one of my heroes makes a crab ice cream.

Heston Blumenthal, chef of The Fat Duck outside of London. One of the best restaurants in the world- he's a Dufresne/Adria-esque mad food scientist type.

He's got an interesting quote:

It was at this time that I was becoming interested in the psychology of flavour. We had been serving a crab ice cream to accompany a risotto of crab. I was interested in how the description of the ice cream made a world of difference to the perception and acceptance of the ice cream. Calling it crab ice cream creates a barrier for the taster and level of sweetness that in reality is less than perceived. The response however, when told that this is in fact frozen crab bisque, is totally different. The barrier comes down and the ice cream can be tasted for what it is.

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