Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In accordance with huh?

Suddenly, "In Accordance with the Prophecy" is everywhere again.

First it was a rule in a drinking game (yes, I'm too old to play drinking games. I'm also too old to be sleeping with college sophomores. What's your point?)

Then I noticed it on Skippy's List (maybe it was there the last time I read it; I don't remember).

So I Googled it, and all I found was a blog that uses it as a gimmick. The Illogical Vulcan reminded me that it was in that e-mail on how to make your coworkers think your crazy. But she couldn't find it, nor could I, so instead she gave me Tips of Being an Evil Overlord, which I also love. But it's not the same.

Does anyone have the e-mail? Does anyone have any insight on how that phrase became such a hep meme?

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