Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What's the big deal?

Things that are not at all related to the secret:

my sex life
my health
Brad or Angelina
... umm ...

Well, I was making this list up in my head as I was stumbling back home from the subway this morning, trying to distract myself from the waves of nausea. Pretty understandable, I think, that I've forgotten it before I managed to post it.

Guesses will be entertained, but neither confirmed nor denied.


haneway said...

I'm not going to post a guess, just smile smugly as if I know :-P

Anonymous said...

you're moving to d.c.

The Irishman said...

You're adopting a litter of cute bunnies! (that's good)

But, you are planning on turning them into dinner and a new fur coat (that's bad)

The person with the moving guess is probably closer than I am, I hope... or I'm speed-dialing the ASPCA. (and no, I won't entertain questions on why I have the ASPCA on speed-dial)

Maggie said...

Aw, c'mon. Moving to DC is soooo two years ago! ;)

Not sure how Siena would feel about bunnies in the house. Considering how she's been treating her new toy mouse made of rabbit fur, I'm guessing it would be a bloody spectacle.

That said, I'm still not actually confirming or denying anything. I'd like to continue to deude myself for a bit longer and feel like a woman of mystery instead of an open book for a change.