Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Utterly fab -- hanging out with this amazing undergrad and her friends, and you think they're cool and they think you're cool, and they totally can't believe you're 35.

Utterly creepy -- then being joined by her boyfriend, and he's that way-younger guy you hooked up with a few months back.

Eww eww eww! Suddenly I badly wanted three kids and middle-aged spread. If I'm going to be working with the undergrads, I think I'd rather feel like their mom than their buddy.

But, careful what you wish for! This morning I put on my favorite jeans, and look at that! Middle-aged spread! Better grab a longer shirt .....

At least I don't look like this woman with the scunchy top ponytail next to me on the train platform. If you're going to age blond, please do so like Lauren Bacall or Catherine Deneuve, not like Casey Kasem's wife.

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