Sunday, March 12, 2006

moving is hard

I have all this cleaning to do, the last days at work were bittersweet, I got my heart broken (yes, it's possible), and my landlord is being a jerk about the subletting.

And I just changed the address on all my magazine subscriptions, and came to two disturbing realizations:
1. I don't know what my new address will be (I just forwarded everything to my parents)
2. My subscription to Newsweek ran out in July, and I hadn't even noticed. Clearly, I have way too many magazines, but we knew this already...


Anonymous said...

Leaving some place where you've worked for a while is often bittersweet. You're moving on to something better, but most likely losing touch with people you have seen on a daily basis. And, landlords who have been quite reasonable often turn into jerks when it's time to move out. To a degree, this is to be expected, however disappointing.

But, who or what has broken your heart?

Anonymous said...

good luck moving.
I know it's random - but i am looking for a place to live at the moment - is your apt reasonable priced? maybe i'll take over and it'll make landlord happy that you found another tenant?
thanks - Y (

Maggie said...

If my landlord even lets me sublet (still fighting over that), I've already got a subletter lined up. As for who broke my heart, see the next post. Muffy and Stef have taken to calling him Tom Hanks, because they feel this is beginning to resemble a romantic comedy and the last act is not yet written. I can only hope so, but for now, heartache.