Tuesday, June 27, 2006


For anyone who's heard the story of my mom finding A's condom in the trash, and my convoluted explanation that I'd accidentally bought it in Japan thinking it was an eyemask, this is the generic Japanese product line with minimal package markings that I was talking about in that excuse.


Anonymous said...

I have not heard that story. I want to hear that story. I think. You lead such an interesting life, my dear. By the by, we're heading to Vashon in a couple of weeks and will think of your masterful ass-lasery.

Maggie said...

My boss went to Seattle last week, and I told him about visiting you guys in Vashon last year. That was so much fun, and I miss you guys so much! Kisses to everyone for me.

As for the Japanese condom story, it is funniest when A and I tell it together, for as many times as we've told it, we still debate certain points, and it's quite a performance. It also involves having the cops break into my parents' house for us, because I didn't have the key and we needed a place to use said Japanese condom.

And as for my "interesting" life, funny you should say that. I was reading back episodes just yesterday, adn thinking how much more easily scandalized I am now that I live in Boston again. Aside from the fact that I never have time to post anymore, so the sample is smaller -- do you think I've gotten more boring in the past three months?