Tuesday, June 06, 2006

give the devil his advanced payment

So today is the much-touted 06-06-06 date, and all sorts of terrible things are supposed to happen -- like the release of Ann Coulter's latest book and a really bad horror movie remake.

And yet, not to jinx anything, but I'm having a way better day today than I did, oh, yesterday for example. I came home last night, burst into tears for really wussy reasons, and curled up on the couch with Arrested Development, unable to cope with anything more complicated.

Today, the worst of it so far (knock wood) is less-than-perfect hair. And the office DJ just started up a devil-themed playlist -- "Sympathy for the Devil," "Running with the Devil," "Devil Went Down to Georgia" -- that is totally making us all giggle.

Just to play it safe, I snoozed the alarm until 6:00 this morning, to add a fourth 6 to the list and diffuse the impact. Maybe I should leave work at precisely 6 tonight to keep it going...

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