Monday, September 04, 2006

Party Girl

The housewarming party was amazing, in case you were wondering. Fabulous friends, amazing neighbors, cute babies, still so sleepy. Dear friends and relatives came from far and near to help me unpack, to stock up for the party, to raise a glass, and to turn my house of stress into a home at last. I love everyone, and I have loads of thank-you notes to write, but for now, just let me say thanks and I love you to all you darlings.

And no, I'm still not sleeping there. I'll move in eventually.

And the Lumberjack gave me an old Kodak Brownie camera of his own, because I'd said his collection was cool. But still he didn't kiss me, and he hasn't mentioned a word about the e-mail from Thursday.

And as soon as I move in for real, I'm ready to have a baby. The neighbors offered to help me take care of it (told you I have amazing neighbors!). So first I finish the bathroom, then I finish unpacking and move in, and then I'm shopping for sperm. Done and done, tired of waiting around.


Anonymous said...

What is with this man? Unbelievable. You gotta find out. Just for you. Even if it's not what you want to hear. If you avoid it and ignore it, you'll make the same mistake with another guy. You can't psych yourself out. Sure, it's easy to do that. Just forget about it and you won't be hurt. Or embarassed. But you'll just move on and repeat the mistake. Easy said than done I know. I'm there too. And a friend just had a baby on her own. Ballsy but she's happy as hell. Good luck! But get the truth. It will set you free. It'll put your mind to ease or at least get your off the repeat track.

Maggie said...

See, I'm thinking that the silence speaks volumes. I'm not ignoring anything, I hear exactly what he's not saying. And I won't make the same mistake with another guy for two reasons -- *I* made no mistake with this one, and there won't be another one. I'm having a baby, I've got bigger stuff to think about, and my mind is totally at ease.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to the housewarming party, but I'm so glad it went well. So, why aren't you moving in? I didn't even have electricity in my house when I moved in - just couldn't wait. It was 3 days before I had light, refrigeration, etc. Thank goodness it was March, and the temperature was quite comfortable. Is there something making your new home unliveable?

About silence speaking volumes - I think men are silent when they have nothing to say. Reading into it is a good way to make yourself crazy, and generally not worth the effort. Simple truth is, for whatever reason, the dude in question can't or won't respond to you in a way that is satisfactory to you. The stone has no blood to give, so chuck it!

Maggie said...

My point exactly when I said "I hear exactly what he's not saying." As in, he's got nothing to say, so he's not saying what I want to hear, so I'm moving on, as I have bigger and more important stuff to think about. Anonymous wants me to confront him, but I feel no need to hyperanalyze the silence. The antique camera gift was nice, but it was no profession of love, so everything seems pretty clear to me, and I'll leave the "reading into it" to my own readers.

And yes, there are several reasons why I can't move in yet, but I don't want to discuss them right now, as they've been upsetting. But I promise that i will move in soon.

In the meantime, you never answered about North Carolina, and I need furniture. What did you think of my idea of combining wedding and shopping trips, and having a visit?

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to N. Carolina. Did the math, and it just doesn't add up for a 2 day trip. See your email.

Maggie said...

Wait, but that was your excuse for not coming to my housewarming!!!! Well, now you owe me a visit. Shall we do something for our birthday month? I'll have a party in your honor if you come up.