Wednesday, October 17, 2007

venting in public, not nice of me

Sorry, just kind of at the end of my rope.


Nina said...

Maggie, did you yell at someone, or cry? Or did you just tell someone off quietly? I did the crying bit to some guy who worked in Kinkos. Totally shameful.

I hope you are feeling better.

Maggie said...

Nina, my dear, always nice to hear from you!

I posted something on this blog about a problem I've been having, before I had actually spoken to the person in question about our problem. SO I edited this post with an apology, for all those people who have feedreaders and would have seen the post even had I deleted it.

The situation in question is moving towards resolution,but is still kind of a mess. But I'm hopeful that it will be better soon.

Thanks for the kind words, babe!