Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is not a monkey blog

Though you'd be forgiven for thinking so. Clearly.

Aaanyway ... after weeks without a costume idea, and hardly any thought put into it, inspiration struck last night....

Monkey Gone to Heaven!

Of course! Monkeys and the Pixies!
(for those who do not recall, or who saw me out and about but didn't get it, last year I was Un Chien Andalou ... you know, like in that other Pixies song, Debaser?

Now I'm on the hunt for monkey parts and a halo. An initial Google search yielded some cuteness:
Eh, I'm still on the fence about the implementation. Tell me, dear readers, what's your preference?
  1. Wings, halo, or both?
  2. full monkey suit?
  3. Gorilla mask?
  4. ears and tail with normal clothes?
  5. or just a monkey t-shirt?
Decisions, decisions!

In other monkey news, Slate Magazine has some good advice on How To Fight Off a Band of Monkeys.

Not me, of course, not the cute funny silly or even animated kind. Only the kind who are trying to kill you.

Oh, wait! I forgot to show you this! So you know about the killer monkeys already, of course. Please check out the BBC coverage.

Did you see it? The related stories?
Delhi metro in monkey business
02 Aug 06 | South Asia
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11 Oct 06 | South Asia
Nuisance monkeys could be exported
02 Sep 04 | South Asia
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14 Aug 03 | South Asia
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17 May 01 | South Asia

What, does the BBC have a special "Monkey" feed? (Mind you, I'm not complaining. If they do I'm ALL FOR IT.) More specifically, do they have a dedicated "monkey Delhi" story feed?

Hee, GE3PO thought I just said "monkey deli". Imagine the possibilities ...

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