Monday, January 03, 2005

Baby you can drive my car

I'm going to make an effort in 2005 to label all of my posts with song titles. It's something we used to do on the old Maggie columns on Enormous Fun.

As I got to the end of these directions, my heart did a little leap, and I thought "How sweet!" But that's the very problem with the country boy; you can never tell. Maybe he's being sweet, or maybe he's poking fun. I don't understand his point anyway, as there are no directions from Manhattan anywhere on the page. (And if you're wondering what he'd be teasing me about, that would be it -- my nitpicky tendencies.)

Anyway, were I to go to Lillie's this weekend, there's no way I'd drive. Another effort I seem to be making (at least so far) in 2005 is More Drinking, Less Driving.

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