Monday, January 10, 2005

the subconscious speaks

Sunday morning, I dreamt of the club kids, with whom I haven't hung out in almost two years. There was some huge party, possibly at the apartment where we drank bag wine at the White Trash Party (for good or bad, I had nothing to wear). Then it may have devolved into an orgy, or that may have just been Big Guns Boy and me. Regardless, I awoke really wanting BG. Of course, I would never sleep with a married man, but a lot can happen in two years, so maybe that's no longer an issue.

I wish there were some way of checking on a person's relationship status, like you can look up their phone number. After all, had I known the 22-year-old had broken up with his girly-crush, I would have gotten back in touch much sooner.

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