Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Signed, sealed, delivered

Today I told Stan that CB is having a show of all my favorite songs this weekend, and so I have to stay in town to see it, and I can't go back to London as he suggested.

Stan: This is the guy you hung out with until four in the morning, and nothing happened?
Me: Three in the morning, but yeah.
Stan: And you still think he's not interested?
Me: Of course he's not. I've moved on.
Stan: A guy doesn't do something like this unless he's interested. I'll bet you that you two will hook up within a month.
Me: It's not going to happen. Anyway, he'll be out of town.
Stan: Fine, 45 days. Bet me.
Me: No.
Stan: Bet me a dollar.
Me: NO.
Stan: Come on! See, you guys are so totally about to hook up!

So fine, I bet him a dollar that CB and I will not hook up in the next 45 days. Here it is in writing to make it official.

Yes, I'm fully aware that I keep writing about all these boys, but never get any action with any of them. Maybe I need to sign up for Aphrodisiac of The Month.

Update, Jan. 27: CB's not going out of town after all, so the term of the bet is back down to 30 days. And Stan's finally realizing he's probably going to lose, for many reasons including that I ask CB for advice about other guys, which is apparently a Bad Move.

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