Monday, April 04, 2005

John Paul II's other legacy

I consider myself a good Catholic, and yet I shed no tears for the pontiff. I have long felt that under his reign, the Catholic church has suffered greatly. he concealed and supported a long-term policy of abuse, and sheltered the criminal priests instead of tending to his flock, the victims of the abuse. I can never forgive this. In the past quarter century, Catholics have become hated, despised, and ridiculed, all on his watch.

Bernard Law was an evil, unholy criminal, a sinner of the highest order, who broke all his vows. I rejoiced to the high heavens when he left the Archdiocese of Boston. I am not alone in thinking this.

Here's hoping that the next Pope will clean house, right some major wrongs, and tend to his people with loving kindness instead of manipulation and oppression.

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Anonymous said...

As a Catholic myself, I agree wholeheartedly that this Pope was socially very bad for the Catholic Church. His social teachings are one of the reasons I do not attend Mass (that and the fact that I get nothing from it, but that's another discussion entirely.) I agree with Hitchens point about having a Chrch that reaces against sexual expression of any kind outside of marriage is a short sighted and backward. HOWEVER, although Pope John Paul II was a social conservative, he was a politically exactly in the spirit of Jesus preaching the value of human life and following through with his doctrine. He was if not anything, consistent in his thinking. I highly disagree with Hitchens point about the Pope agreeing to meet with Tariq Aziz. As the Vatican is a neutral country, it would be considered an act of alliance with the West if he said no to an audience with Aziz. I leave Hitchens to ponder this question....what would Jesus have done ? I bet anything that he would have met with Aziz.

As for the next Pope, I believe that the College of Cardinals will go one of 2 ways. Either they will a) appont a realtively young man who will reigna as Pope for the next 20 years or b) appoint an older man who will continue with John Paul II's directives whose reign will be shot until they figure out what direction the Church will go into the 21st century. Until then, we shall wait an see.