Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Triple Threat

Over the past week or two, I've been, shall we say involved with three men (my hairdresser has been amused). It's probably easiest to identify them Dating Game-style:

Bachelor #3: First hooked up with him minorly and randomly. Hooked up with him again because I felt like having a guy around. There's no real connection or draw, and there's lots of potential for trouble. As it is, I've already been sort of dismissively rude to him about it once, and I don't want to be that person. So this absolutely cannot happen again.

Bachelor #2: Old friend, new hook-up. The first time, it was silly fun; the second time was way intense, but we laughed it off. After all, he's like my little brother, right? Well, maybe not. We had a date of sorts -- dinner, drinks, and a long chatty walk in the park -- that was sweet and fun and inspired admiring comments from park onlookers. And he's got a dark streak that could temper the little brother thing and make it interesting. Most importantly, we're friends, we're comfortable and honest with each other, and so we don't play those games that drive me nuts, but which I'm too often guilty of myself.

For all those reasons, last Thursday morning I'd decided to give B.#2 a real shot. I invited him dancing, and was going to ask how he'd feel about trying out dating. But he turned down the dance invite. And before I even had a chance to reschedule the proposal, Bachelor #1 called.

Ah, Bachelor #1: Love of my life, or just a Herculean trial visited upon me to test my fortitude (or stupidity)? I met him a few years ago, and was convinced early on that he was the one. None of my friends saw the attraction, which added the bonus element of "I'm the only one who understands and appreciates him" -- always good for soap opera drama.

Months of flirtation led to nothing but confusion, and a feeling that I'd made a big fool of myself. Then a few weeks ago he told me what had held him back in the past, and followed that up by taking a new job and nullifying the Coworker Complication.

Since then, it's felt like a holding pattern, just waiting to get this thing started. Not very romantic, I know, especially compared to the teen love OC plot lines I've been obsessively saturated with of late. With all the obstacles addressed and still no progress for weeks, is it any wonder I considered moving on and giving B.#2 a chance?

Thursday he called and asked if we could get together. Dinner and a fainting spell later, and we were snuggled on his bed. (-- redacted salacious details that are none of your business anyway.) By the time I left, we'd had some serious talk, made plans for the weekend, and he'd even said something sweet (seriously -- all my friends went "aww"; no one said "ewww") about growing old together. I really thought that all the games were over and a sane relationship was starting. I even dared to speculate that I might have a boyfriend.

And I haven't heard from him since.

Of course! Had she known, Eurotrash would have had a good laugh, really.

So tonight I'm getting my taxes done, then I'm going out with B.#2. Anyone care to hazard a bet?

Extra bonus drama: in two weeks, I'm supposed to go to AC with both B.#1 AND #2. And we're all sharing a room. Hell, at this point I should just invite B.#3 and make it an unmitigated disaster.

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