Friday, August 05, 2005

I bet you thought I was kidding, didn't you?

Foolish of you. I sent him three photos and the following halfway decent proposal:
Hi, Jake! Here's a few reasons why you'd want to marry me:

1. I'm up to date on all my shots, including the Hep B series.
2. I carry my passport and a stash of foreign currency with me at all times.
3. I can knit your nephew a really cute baby hat! (see eggplant)
4. Once I almost got arrested for swimming in the Navy Memorial in DC (apparently that's a felony), but I talked my way out of it.
5. I haven't fully stripped down in public, but I have flashed folks in the East Village. And there's a shot of my ass up on my blog.
6. I have really great hair and a few other superpowers, such as rockstar parking luck.
7. I can say two things perfectly in Russian: "I love you," and "I speak Russian very poorly."
8. A leprechaun at Macy's once told me I'd find a guy who makes me laugh. And you do that every time you post an update.

So give me a ring, baby!

And all of the above is true, by the way.

So maybe we could make this a chain proposal -- if you want me to marry you instead of Jake, send me an e-mail and let me know why I should.

Hmm, this could be the start of something big. Or crazy.


Anonymous said...

Hey, he's a photographer so you'll always have interesting things to talk about.

BTW< is the circus still in town ? Y;u're not the only one who goes to the circus now jsut so you know.....

Maggie said...

Circus has been on a few vacations, both his and mine, since July. But I'd love to hear about your three-ring performances! Send an e-mail

Anonymous said...

maggie, you should probably marry me instead of Jake, for the following reasons:

1. I cannot cook, but will clean obsessively.

2. he can't spell.

3. only one Playboy model has propositioned me so far.

call me! xoxo

Maggie said...

Ooh, it's true he can't spell. And although I'm a great cook, I certainly do need a dedicated cleaning-person to keep things in shape. Do I know you, have I been posting more than I realized, or are you just anticipating my every need?

Lord knows I could always use more shenanigans. I've been a bit shenanigan-free lately. I'd gladly call you, but do I have your number?