Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Also, shut up Bonaduce

We all know how much I hate the Vincent Gallo, though my dear neighbor did get me some sympathy chocolates after I got back from my grandmother's funeral, and the delicious morsels just happened to be from the renamed former-Gallo collection, and were deelicious!!

Anyway, apparently I'm not the only one who can't bear him. Would you sleep with him for $1.5 Million? Sars wouldn't:

Sarah: It's still a million and a half dollars.
Wing Chun: You'd have to spend every penny on therapy. And bleach.
Sarah: True. Okay, it's off.

And neither would I. In other news, I dreamed of Danny Bonaduce this morning. Specifically, I dreamed that he was at the counter of a deli I went into, and I recognized him but ignored him because he is nass-tasty, and then he started getting all Batali on me, so I left. Fuckin' redheads.

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