Friday, November 04, 2005

forgive me, please...

I realize that I was gone for a while from these pages, and since I've been back, all I've been doing is quick funny links. I haven't told you about my life in forever, and I'm sorry.

It is a sad irony that just when life gives me lots of material to write about, it gives me no time to write. This is compounded by the fact that I only have computer access at work. But I've been writing posts in my Palm, and I promise to put those up soon. They'll be backdated with the actual date I wrote them, so don't be too confused.

In the meantime, a quick update:
I went to Dublin on 24 hours notice for a bender weekend with Nicfit and the Biker.

While I was there, my grandmother died. I tried to fly back early, but there were no flights (everything sold out), so I flew back Sunday night as planned, re-packed my bags, and headed out to Chicago at 6 am Monday morning.
Spent last week in Chicago for funeral/family activities. Came back Thursday.

Friday was Dr. Muffy's birthday party. Saturday was my fabulous birthday brunch, where everyone got together and got me a Nano! SO I can run with it! As soon as I get headphones that don't exacerbate my TMJ. Saturday night went to excellent Halloween parties with Amanda and Big D, in my last-minute-tossed-together Barbarella costume.

Sunday ran 5 mile race with Dr. Muffy, and we did excellent!

Wednesday was my Birthday Pub Night.

Yesterday was my most excellent birthday dinner of MEAT.

Today is the big day! I am officially OLD! Also, have officially sworn off younger men. What exactly constitutes "younger" has yet to be determined, but I am definitely abandoning the former goal of dating guys who were *in* junior high when I was *teaching* junior high (which roughly equals guys who are 6 to 9 years younger than me.

Tonight I drive up to Homecoming, then tomorrow on to Boston for some quality birthday time with the parents.

Monday I will have more info for you all. For now, I love you.


Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about your grandmother. That just sucks. Although, waiting for someone to die is possibly worse. Not sure about that.

Other than that, enough with the "I'm OLD" crap. You aren't old, and I'm not either, and I won't be old in a few days when I'll be 35. And, if my mother is any indication, I won't be old when I'm 60. Now, 70 is altogether different.

Anyway, giving up the 20 somethings is just good policy, unless you just want to screw around. And don't even mention Ashton Kutcher - I heard he's really in his 30's. I think you should try dating older guys.

Maggie said...

I know your birthday's coming up, did you think I'd forgotten? Remember I wanted us to do some joint celebration?

As for hte younger men, I went to homecoming and got flirted with by a 20-year-old! SO I may not be giving up quite yet. Also, all the younger men I'd be cutting off have been trying to persuade me that they're not really that young.... But they don't deserve me anyway, regardless of age.

So yes, I will try to get it on with some older folks. Know any?