Monday, December 05, 2005

What's so funny 'bout Oprah and Dave?

So, Nomda Plume threatened to make a donation in my name to Oprah's Angels fund or whatever it's called. She was joking, of course, as I can't imagine a worse Christmas gift. Honestly, is there anyone who takes themselves more seriously than that woman? I agree with Surfergirl that she has "a near-pathological messiah complex," so maybe only Mel Gibson can compete with St. Winfrey for the self-important prick crown.

The recently healed "rift" between her and David Letterman is yet another example in the long list of "wtf?" moments. How could anyone be angry at David Letterman, and for so long to boot? And her refusal to say what she was mad about only confirms the suspicion that it was something petty.

Or maybe she just doesn't get the joke. Sad, sad, sad. I would be thrilled beyond belief if Letterman made a running gag out of me.

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