Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wicked Good Guide to Boston English

Boston, you're my home.


Anonymous said...

I always wondered where you got the phrase "I was so bullshit". Obviously, based on context you were upset about something, but where I come from, bullshit ain't ire. It's a falsehood, or nonsense, often artfully told. Anyway, mystery solved!

Maggie said...

Check out the comments on that post. Another Texan also says that in your neck of the woods, it only means "lie."

To be clear, in Boston there is a noun form of "bullshit" that means "lie." We just also have an adjectival form that means "angry or irate."

Other interesting things in the Bullshit comments are the related terms "apeshit," "ripshit," etcetera. And I never knew those were regionalisms until now!