Tuesday, June 20, 2006

baby boomlet

With pride, I can say that I've talked several childless couple friends into reconsidering, for all the reasons Prudence lists, and several more. Just yesterday, I got more joyous news that another set of happy, healthy and wise friends have changed their childless stance (though I take no credit for the decision in their case).

What remains a mystery to me is why the Fates have decided that I should remain barren. Since a very young age, I've always been the most maternal person anyone had ever met, and all my college friends predicted that I'd be the first to have kids. So as much as it thrills me each time a friend procreates, and I get to be "Auntie" to one more adorable budding genius, it still breaks my heart a little each time too.

Of course, I've resisted the marriage part of the equation for years,and I'm not the type to get knocked up without a plan, so if I get really rational about it, it's all perfectly clear. And maybe the Fates thought it would be better for me to be sharing the love with all those kids I'm Auntie to, instead of limiting it to my own brood. Still, sigh....


Sam Gardner said...

Just get your act together, with children, there is no plan, only a choice you make. What do you choose for?

Maggie said...

Not clear what you're saying here. You think I should just go out and get pregnant randomly, without a boyfriend or a spouse? Pick up some sperm at the corner deli in the freezer section? Or should I settle for any guy who'll have me and be grateful, because any guy is better than none, and what right do I have to be so picky?

And I'd love some advice on how to get my "act together," as clearly I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I have a high-level job with a major newspaper and I just bought a gorgeous house in a great neighborhood. But since I didn't have absolutely every piece of the puzzle fixed by the time I turned 35, I'm clearly a wreck without a clue who's wasting my life and needs an intervention.