Monday, August 07, 2006

Serves me right

me: did I mention that I was playing matchmaker yesterday?
him: many times
him: 20-something girls don't need help getting dates, they are the group that should have the least trouble with that. 30-something guys need the help
him: just tell her to show up at any bar in the greater boston area, and she'll be fine
him: as long as she has a pulse, and is not vomiting profusely
me: okay, I'll remember that for next time
me: (and sometimes even if she is vomiting; never hurt me any when I was that age. kidding...I think.)
him: its true
me: so now you need help getting set up?
me: I'll have to think about it. you already know all the age-appropriate women I know
him: no, i'm all set
me: okay, good

Yesterday, I got as close as ever I do to laying my cards on the table, but with my tendency to dance around matters of the heart, we know that's only an aproximation of straightforward. Today, he makes a comment about guys his age needing my matchmaking skills, and I had to push it, and so I got the answer I deserved.

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