Wednesday, June 22, 2005

entertained by food

I say the mini-egg looks like a smurf; what do you think?


The Irishman said...

Very silly... you've been keeping a low profile this week. Busy at work with that project?

Personalidade Bloguinho Portuga said...

My intestines didn't wake up feeling that well today, so I found most of those images on the disgusting side. Boy, am I feeling bad today.

Maggie said...

Oh, my poor dear boys, one's sick and one's missing me! Feel better, Portuga; I'll keep the nasty food stuff offline for the rest of the week.
Irishman, I've been incredibly busy, but not just with that hellish project. Out of town guests, job interviews, throwing a goodbye party for my dear old boss, and the grandmother now in hospice care. Every morning I come in withthe full intention of posting at least a bit of an update, and every day slips by without one. I'll try again tomorrow, I swear.

Take care, guys!