Friday, June 24, 2005

When they ask me to choose, I will choose Hermes

God, I can't stand Oprah Winfrey. Have you heard about this latest Hermes incident? She shows up at a store after they've closed, and is indignant that they don't let her, and her entourage in. First of all, anyone who comes with an entourage, which is offensive in and of itself, should never be let in anywhere. Crowd control and all.

THEN, this self-admitted former crack user claims that THIS was "one of the most humiliating moments of her life."

This arrogant, self-important woman tries to "heal America" and is treated like some sort of spiritual lifestyle guide by millions of stupid housewives! I can't stand how much attention this woman commands in our society. They follow her like sheep. And now she is refusing to shop at Hermes anymore, and is planning to do an entire SHOW about this "incident," so of course this will negatively affect their sales to her followers. She's like a cult leader, and I think it's evil.

I think I need to go out and buy a Birkin bag (as Oprah just cancelled her latest order), or maybe a scarf, at least.


The Irishman said...

Preaching to the choir, my dear... I always thought it was like some weird cult for women (although her book of the month thing is probably the only thing I will give her credit for....even if its lining her pockets at the same time) She just wanted treatment that a "star" like her deserves, she didn't get it, and now she's pissed. Now she's going to get her legion of followers to boycott the brand claiming it was racially motivated. Just plain sad

nicfit212 said...

Something tells me that Hermes will survive... it's not like their market is daytime television couch potatoes, after all.

The NYT had a great article on the variations of this story that have mutated and multiplied in the blogosphere. Someone said that she was going to Hermes "to get her hair done."

Anonymous said...

I've never understood your animosity for Oprah. I find her a refreshing change of pace from the Jerry Springer / Montel Williams / Maury Povich variety of chat. And her rise from abuse and poverty to wealthy media powerhouse is pretty inspiring, too. The woman is accomplished! As for Hermes, I boycott them anyway 'cuz I can't afford a stinkin' thing in their store.

Maggie said...

Well, I'm not really a fan of any of the talk shows. But I have two significant problems with her as a public personality, beyond talk show hostess:

1. She acts like some type of patronizing royalty. I prefer when people who have risen up remember where they came from, but she has abandoned all pretense of being "ordinary folks."

2. She is a cult leader. It goes back to the patronizing part, and of course those who choose to follow her have free will to make that choice. But she has this arrogant belief that she knows better than all her viewers who have made her wealthy, and is always telling them what to do and what to buy and what to think. And cult leaders scare me, I can't help it.

I can't afford Hermes either, but when I was in Paris I went to that store and they were as gracious as Parisians can be. Unfortunately, when race is a factor in a discussion, you don't have a scientifically clean lab sample to judge. But as the Washington Post link above said, is it not possible that a white celebrity demanding special treatment would have been dismissed in the same way? For this woman whose daily life is COMPLETELY different from most black, and white, women, to shout racism at the first hint of not getting her way, is somehwat insulting to the people who have to deal with real racism all the time.

Maggie said...

Also, are you coming up to visit this weekend or not? If not, maybe we should think about doing something for the holiday next weekend?

Anonymous said...

I like Oprah, but she can't get me to read 3 Faulkner novels in a row. In terms of celebrity arrogance, how about Tom Cruise telling Matt Lauer "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do." and "I don't talk about things I don't understand." Hello... like, maybe, post-partum depression? But personally, I enjoy when celebrities pull that "Don't you know who I think I am???" act. Wish I could get away with that.